Vionta Albarino

The Grape

Entirely from Albariño grapes. Predominantly from vineyards older than 15 years. Fermentation was carried out at controlled temperatures to preserve the floral and tropical notes. The combination of yeasts selected by our oenologists increases the great aroma-flavour complexity of these particularly delicate wines. In addition part of the production of this wine has been kept macerating on its lees (75%), a process which brings about an improvement in its structure. Due to the balanced levels of acidity the grapes delivered, it was decided not to undertake a malolactic fermentation. We therefore have a rounded wine with a balanced acidity typical of Albariño

The Blend

100% Albariño

The Vintage

Due to the weather in 2016, we started the harvest in the second week of September. The good and gradual ripening of grapes at the various estates and the almost total lack of rain allowed us to harvest the grapes uninterruptedly.

The harvest took place over two weeks from 15 to 29 September.

During this harvest's growth cycle, weather conditions were quite tough for the vines. Winter was quite dry with moderate temperatures and there was no heavy rain until March. In spring, the vines received plenty of water, and the low temperatures and storms experienced from March onwards caused an irregular and early bud break which was also slowed down as a result of the low temperatures in May. Conditions during the flowering and fruit set stages were also poor as it was cold and there were high levels of rainfall. As a result of all this and some mildew and oidium attacks, forecasts in July predicted a healthy but 10-20% smaller vintage than in 2015.

Summer was hot and dry with little rainfall, causing some plots of grapevines to suffer from water stress. Consequently, vineyard yield was expected to be quite disparate. Indeed, output was good from some plots whilst others suffered considerable losses, so it was again believed that the 2016 vintage would be smaller than in 2015. However, two days of rain shortly before the harvest was started (on 12 and 13 September) helped to restore the volume and weight of the grapes.

Ripening checks carried out by our specialists indicated that the harvest would have a good alcohol content and acidity this year.

The weather was mild during the harvesting period and it only rained on 24 September. When the grapes arrived at the wineries, no diseases were noted (e.g. mildew, oidium etc.). Our providers were constantly monitored and advised.

The harvested grapes were all of the Albariño variety.

The grapes were harvested by hand in 18 kg plastic boxes to ensure they remained intact so as to preserve their properties.

Tasting Notes

A fine white wine, with some notes of yellow and flashes of golden-green. Star bright. Tasting reveals its aromatic complexity, with a combination of tropical fruit notes and ripe fruit notes. Prominent features of the bouquet are green apple, banana, kiwi and melon. Soft and agreeably acid on the palate, giving way to a melange of ripe fruits but brought to a peak of peaches, apricot and kiwi. Lees maceration has given it a body and structure with great personality. A long finish, highly aromatic with just a touch of bitterness a classic characteristic of the varietal.

Food Affinities

Ideal with fish and shellfish. But, as a wine with great aromatic structure and good acidity it is also an excellent wine just to share with friends.

Wine Ratings & Reviews

Best Albarino of 2015
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RECOMMENDED - 2014 Vintage
"This 100% estate grown Albarino promises an engaging medley of fruit and finesse. Highlighted by ripe peach and apricot aromatics with a rich round palate that tells of extended time with the lees, the 2014 Vionta Albariño carries weight and volume along with well-honed acidity."
- About.com, November 2015

FEATURED - 2013 Vintage
"Leesy mango and lime aromas are fleshy, but attractive. A plump, juicy palate is holding its own, while flavors of pithy orange and melon end in a friendly, round fashion."
- Wine Enthusiast Magazine, April 2015

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